NEW! Here is a comprehensive reference list that demonstrates the serious problems with HB 2001. A “must read”!

Annotated HB 2001 References

NEW! SEMINAR SLIDES: ““The Complete Survival Guide for Single-Family Neighborhoods”

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SEMINAR: “The Complete Survival Guide for Single-Family Neighborhoods”

JWN residents: Please note — If you attended the very limited HB 2001 presentation at the
November 12th JWN General Meeting, be sure to come to this in-depth seminar where you’ll
get a much more thorough briefing and be able to have all of your questions answered.

Before you decide if you should attend … watch two videos:

#1. We can look at Portland to see exactly what the market has already done to older, single-family neighborhoods. There’s an excellent webpage by a woman in Portland with a video that shows a long series of “before and after” pictures of the older, affordable single-family homes demolished in their Sunnyside neighborhood. Please visit the following page and watch the (sad) video.

#2 One of the best “reality” checks is this short video of a Portland developer’s perspective:

As the developer says: “I know how to make the most money by tearing down your neighborhood …” Look carefully at the three alternatives he shows around 1:34 in the video.


Topic: “The Complete Survival Guide for Single-Family Neighborhoods”

Date: Wednesday, December 11

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Location: Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette Street


Presenter: Paul Conte

  • Introduction & recognition of elected officials
  • Critical details of House Bill 2001 explained. Q&A on the legislation’s elements.
  • Purported purpose and benefits of HB 2001 as claimed by its sponsors
  • Evidence-based critique of claimed benefits of HB 2001
  • Understanding the true structure of HB 2001 — Pure Upzoning, not housing creation
  • Understanding the major expansion of “commodity” real estate investment funds into single-family housing.
  • A look at Eugene’s own history with upzoning a large single-family area 1960 to 2008.
  • Evidence-based projection of HB 2001 negative impacts
  • Local focus of densification, redevelopment and demolitions –which areas are most threatened
  • Current state and local public processes, objectives and timelines
  • Understanding the “Envision Eugene” community policies for a “Legacy of Livability”
  • Practical actions citizens can take to protect the livability and character of their neighborhoods
  • Q&A and suggestions from participants for citizen involvement

Space is limited to the first 80 persons at the door.

There is no charge to attend, but we encourage attendees to make a donation at the event to Community Supported Shelters.

For questions about the seminar, please e-mail:

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