Trust the NeighborsTrust the Neighbors is a gathering place
for folks who love and support their
Eugene neighborhoods.


We’ve been asked: Where did the name “Trust the Neighbors” come from, and what does it mean?

Both the name and concept come from SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design), an organization that “provides a common standard to guide, evaluate and measure the social, economic and environmental impact of design projects.”

On their web site, the SEED folks explain:

“SEED maintains the belief that design can play a vital role in the most critical issues that face communities and individuals, in crisis and in every day challenges. To accomplish this, the SEED® process guides professionals to work alongside locals who know their community and its needs. This practice of ‘trusting the local’ is increasingly recognized as a highly effective way to sustain the health and longevity of a place or a community as it develops.”

We think SEED has articulated a concise, powerful concept, as well as creating an attention-getting name.

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