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*** Learn the true facts about housing affordability and the City’s disastrous deregulation. ***

This is a site where folks can gather and share information to help fulfill the Envision Eugene pillar — “Protect, Repair and Enhance Neighborhood Livability.”

During 2019, homeowners and residents of Eugene’s neighborhoods face serious threats to the livability of their neighborhoods, despite the lofty Envision Eugene “pillar.” These include amending the ownership and density requirements for “Accessory Dwelling Units” as a stealth means of upzoning single-family neighborhoods, misrepresenting that so-called “missing middle” housing would aid in addressing the housing affordability crisis, and amending housing development standards¬† to make them “clear and objective” without an adequate public involvement process.

In 2020, the even broader threat of House Bill 2001 looms. Learn more here and become engaged to ensure your neighborhood determines its own future.

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