Residential Zoning

Resources for working with residential zoning

READ THIS FIRST! An exceptional essay on the ethical issues of rezoning wide swaths of single-family neighborhoods: “Zoning and the Neighborhood Commons”
(Click this link: Zoning: A Reply to Critics for the full article and all the citations.)

Learn about Eugene’s only residential zone that already supports “middle housing” (nothing “missing” about it):
Guide to the Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zone

Click here to take a tour of the process and principles underlying the Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zone. (MS PowerPoint file. Click “Slideshow” to start presentation.)

Foundational documents from the extensive community-engagement in developing the Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zone:

Westside Neighborhood Plan (a “neighborhood refinement plan”)
JWN “Plan Jam” First (of two) workshops.
Maps used in Plan Jam
The JWN assessment of “Neighborhood Character”
The JWN assessment of “Negative Impacts”
Presentation to the Eugene Planning Commission

From prior community-based work on neighborhoods and residential development:

  • In-depth analysis by residents during “Chambers Revisited” project — the precursor to the larger Jefferson-Westside Special area zone.
    Click here to read the full “Neighbors Report.”
  • Recommendations of the Envision Eugene Mixed-Use Development Committee. Click here to read the full “MUD” Committee Report.
  • Opportunity Siting. Click here to read the “Citizens’ Guide to Opportunity Siting.”
    Click here to see a map (3rd page) and example (4th page) of potential Opportunity Sites.
  • “Envision Eugene” affordable housing and neighborhood livability pillars.
  • Infill Compatibility Standards. Click here to read the goals of the Infill Compatibility Standards Task Team.

A detailed review and recommendations by the NLC: Minor Code Amendment Recommendations.


Click here to view a video of the presentation.
Click here to view the “Demystifying Refinement Plan” presentation slides.
Click here to browse the “Frequently Asked Questions” about refinement plans.
Click here to read a draft of “Principles of Participation” for members of a Planning Team.
Click here to read the adopted governance documents of the Eugene Infill Compatibility Standards Task Team, including the “Organizational Structure and Rules,” which provide a potential starting for a similar document for a Planning Team.
Westside Neighborhood Plan (a “neighborhood refinement plan”).
City website page with links to all refinement plans.

Great Read! Learn what nationally-recognized “walkability expert” has to say about improving walkability in auto-oriented areas like south Willamette Street.
Click here to read the excerpt “Step 10: Pick Your Winners.”


View the Powerpoint presentation slides.

Watch the “People not Buildings” video. (13:34)


Click here to read a clear and accurate explanation of this important statutory requirement.



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