Welcome to Trust the Neighbors!

This is a site where folks can gather and share information to help fulfill the Envision Eugene pillar — “Protect, Repair and Enhance Neighborhood Livability.”

The initial topic for discussion was how Eugene might put in place a fair, equitable and sustainable program for approving Multiple-Unit Property Tax Exemptions (MUPTE) and for allocating the revenue from System Development Charges (SDCs).

A group of neighborhood advocates developed a community-based recommendation that supported “workforce housing.” City Council adopted that provision, but has yet to adopt adequate criteria for MUPTE projects.

Learn more and post your own comments on the MUPTE & SDC page.

Click on the tabs above to learn more about other issues.

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  1. I am new to Eugene (from the East Coast), living in SW Eugene. I have an interest in the issues being raised about the South Willamette Special Area Zone. I wanted to make sure that other interested people have read the NY Times 4/17/2016 article BUILD, BABY, BUILD regarding San Francisco’s like problem, though a bit more complicated there. They are having the same struggles, balancing the need for more affordable housing, while maintaining sustainability and quality living for the residents, and all the other issues that arise when planning smart growth.

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