Gallery of Mything Middle Housing #1

Welcome to the first exhibit in the “Gallery of Mything Middle Housing“; where truly “a picture is worth 1,000 words.”

The overarching theme of this exhibition is that HB 2001 is fundamentally flawed in it’s simplistic, “one-size-fits-all” dictate that usurps and short-circuits the essential crafting of flexible housing code so that it fits the local context.

In contrast to the blunt instrument of HB 2001, my neighborhood community has proven how to do it right. The Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zone, which community members themselves crafted, allows all forms of so-called “Middle Housing” with a great deal of flexibility in design. But the S-JW zone also has reasonable development standards to ensure that infill and increased density don’t create significant negative impacts on current residents and property owners. Learn more by reading the attached “Guide and FAQ for the Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zone.”

Click the links below for more exhibits from the “Gallery of Mything Middle Housing.”

Gallery Exhibit #1

The claim:

The proponents of dictating that all single-family zones allow “Missing Middle Housing” paint nostalgic pictures of what this would look like. The images range from housing and mixed-use with local commercial around 1920s street car lines to “fantasy” images such as the one below.


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